Fuck this Gay Twitter

I'm not allowed to rag on New Jersey for a while, but that's okay. Because I found this

Now, I am aware of the dubious journalistic integrity of this publication. But seeing that it helped me find a Protomen show in Danbury next Monday, let's just go with it.

Republicans discover internet, and take first tenuous steps into using Twitter. But the thing they didn't understand is that they can impersonate others. Like say, prominent Democratic politicians in the area.

The Republican scheme was to send out posts under the Democrats' names mocking the liberal tax-and-spend bastards.

And then Twitter shut down the sites, citing a violation of the terms of service. Of course, the Republicans are pissed.

"That's unfortunate," was state Republican Chairman Chris Healy's response when told of Twitter, Inc.'s decision. "I'm not quite sure what the issue is, other than that the Democrats were successful in stopping free speech."

Yes, because being under the same umbrella of rules that counts for everyone else just doesn't work for CT Republicans. Neither do ethics apparently. Speaking of ethics! When a UConn journalism professor was asked about the fake accounts, he responded:

"The truth will eventually come out [about such ploys as the GOP's anti-Democratic sites]," Hancock added. He said the GOP scheme will backfire "if the Republicans are being viewed as playing dirty tricks, dirty politics."

Chris Healy's response?

Healy is unrepentant: "I really don't care what a bunch of college professors from liberal colleges think."


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