Fuck This Gay Garden State

I got to read this on Slate today.

I'm really not sure at this point which is more ridiculous, that it really matters to the New Jersey public whether their governor is fat or not, or that everyone is ignoring the fact that they are both terrible people.

Corzine, the bald-headed dynamo of the one-time garbage island known as Hoboken, demonstrates to us just how one would go about taking over said island of trash. By using more money than should be necessary in such a campaign and repeatedly refusing to disclose details of his finances.

Corzine refuses to make his tax returns public, saying that showing the results of some of his personal investments would breach a confidentiality agreement with his former Goldman partners

Speculation goes that some of the investments would alienate a good portion of his voter base, thus taking the Garden State away.

As for Christie, there's the usual favoritism, censure, tarnishing of reputations, and so on. Fun times accomplished.

I guess the point here is that if you're going to not vote for someone, don't do it because they're fat. Don't vote for them because there are better candidates. Like this guy:

i like donuts more

I for one am all about all-day breakfast and if I lived in Jersey, I'd vote for this guy.

P.S. I do not really hate New Jersey all that much sometimes.

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